Friday, 18 December 2009

Things To Make & Do - Make Yourself A Traditional Teddy Bear

Here is my latest attempt at the 'Classic Teddy' pattern from which I made Honey last year. This is snowflake. She is a soft creamy white in colour- thought the picture does not show it!!-with caramel coloured felt paws and feet. She is this year’s gift for the lovely Emily, thought I have found it hard to part with her because she is so soft and huggable!

Traditional Teddy Bear

The pattern is very simple and one that I have been using for years. It is all done by hand though it could easily be done on a sewing machine if you prefer. I think the pattern originally came from my textiles teacher at school, which means I've had it a long time! Enjoy!!

What you will need:
  • Fur Fabric
  • Strong cotton thread
  • Black embroidery silk for eyes and nose
  • 4 x 20mm Plastic Safety Joints
  • Stuffing
  • Pins
  • Sewing Needle + A Long Sharp Needle for sewing eyes and nose
  • Free PDF Sewing Pattern Download it Here

Cut all the pattern pieces out following the grain/pile/nap markings on the pattern.
Be sure when you are cutting fur fabric that you only cut the back layer and not the fur itself, this can be quite tricky but if you take your time and use only very sharp scissors this should help, the best way I have found is to give the scissors a little wobble/wiggle to move the fur out of the way before cutting the jersey backing.

Once all the pieces are cut out you can start pinning and then sewing them together.

1. Sew the two back pieces together as marked on pattern - Upper back.

2. Sew back together lower back the gap between the two sew lines if for stuffing later.

3. Sew Tummy pieces to gather along marked line.

4. Sew front and back pieces together along marked lines to create a continuous seam - no gaps needed!!

5. Sew two leg pieces together - Repeat for other leg.

6. Sew upper leg together all the way to tip of toe leaving gap for stuffing. Repeat on other leg.

7. Sew from Chin to nose on head pieces.

8. Insert Head Gusset - I find it easier to pin the head at the centre of the gusset (the nose) and work my way pinning down each side checking that it all matches up, before stitching.

9. Sew the Arm pieces to each other following the dotted line and leaving a gap for stuffing - Repeat on other arm.*

*If you want to make paw pads in the arms, as I have done, then you will need to just cut two pieces of the above arm ( both right way not reflected!!) and then use the pattern to the left cutting the smaller piece out it felt or fabric of your choice.

9a. Firstly seam both pieces together at thick black line using the same seam allowance as for rest of arm. Then just as above sew one inside piece to one out side piece and your done, on to step 10!

10. Sew the foot pads in to each of the legs this is a little fiddly but with patience and enough pins it should not be too taxing.

11. Sew two ear pieces together as shown on pattern piece Turn right way out. Repeat for other ear.

12. Now your bear is ready to be jointed, the best description of using joints on the web is at Soggibottom's Blog or if you prefer you can sew the arms, legs and head directly on to the body.

13. Stuff and then sew up all open seams.

14. Stitch ears on to the head - Pin in place first as the placement of the ears really can change your Teds personality.

15. Sew the eyes by using 4/5 French knots for each and fastening off the thread securely when finished.

16. The last bit is to sew the nose double up the embroidery silk and over sew the tip of the snout to create the nose. Again make sure that this is fastened off securely and your done!!

Now say Hello to your new friend!!!!

Wendy x


  1. The best description is at Soggibottom :-) ?
    Thank you :-) x

  2. Second attempt at making teddy bears. This is perfect! I bought a similar teddy from a second hand shop ages ago. My cousin sister loves it so much, she has been asking me to give it to her for the past 3 years. I think her wish is about to come true. :D Wish me luck.